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Our soap roses flowers in gift box make the perfect gifts for any occasion.

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High-Grade Material

Artificial flowers made with soap and starch, high simulation, can be stored for more than three years. The fragrance of the essential oil of the plant tortoise balances the body and mind and has an ideal effect on the emotional, mental and physical health.

Multifunction Soap Flower

The petals are vivid, the surface is smooth, the color is rich; rich in bactericidal ingredients, effectively cleans the bacteria on the hands; rich in glycerin, absorbs and moisturizes the skin; dissolves completely, quickly, rich in foam, fine texture, without any fibers.

Luxury Design

High quality thick paper, sturdy, durable and non-deformable.You can even make decorations and make use of sachets; it is an ideal choice for fashion gifts. Perfect for wedding gifts, birthday gifts, various Valentine's Day, Teacher's Day, Mother's Day.

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Our Customers

I was kind of shocked just how beautiful this locked when I opened the box. The packaging was also really nice. It’s ready to give as a gift when you get it. You really don’t have to do any extra wrapping or anything like that. Made my life easy, looks beautiful, it smelled great. Highly recommend!

Tiffany Heraz

They are so beautiful and seem delicate when you just look at them though you don't have to worry too much once you start handling them, which is especially great because I wanted them for decoration only and I don't think people are likely to use them. They smell wonderful too, I'm completely in love

Kristy Sharma

These are so pretty and smell heavenly. Also, none of them were broken during the shipping. I bought these for a gift and she was and is delighted with these. Great value, excellent shipping, so pretty, and great customer service. I want some for my master bathroom now!! Will be buying more from this seller.

Charlie Farias